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service: green screen studio filming facilities

Green Vs White

04 Oct 7 Comments

Whenever you light a scene, some of the light spills from your studio lights and bounces off the walls, making your actors face come up ...

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how to set up a facebook page for my business

Set Up Your BUSINESS Facebook Page in UNDER 39 Minutes

03 Sep 23 Comments

You've heard the hype "Facebook is going down because News Feed is a little more restricted with the ...

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create a radio show or podcast to promote my business

Business Energiser Radio Show

05 Aug 18 Comments

After a breakfast meeting with the fabulous Sheila Smith, Alistair McRae and Chris Dyer, we were discussing the pod-cast format for ...

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 Stop following me around with that dictaphone James, I'm not going to say what you want me to
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