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The GDPR MasterClass

Register now to get 6+ hours of FREE training on how to quickly get your business compliant, without hurting your marketing activities, so you can stop worrying about that phone call from the ICO (or god-forbid an on-site visit) and sleep better. It takes just one complaint to trigger an inspection from the Data Protection Authority. Why leave your business exposed? Our GDPR compliance process have already helped many businesses just like yours get their ducks in a row without damaging new business.

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7 Reasons to Join Our GDPR Masterclass

  1. We only do this ONCE per quarter, so if you want in, now’s the time
  2. We've even improved opt-in rates and conversions in a few instances by leveraging the GDPR's positives on transparency and clarity.
  3. We show you step-by-step exactly how we do this
  4. We're giving away 6+ hours of free recorded & live, in-depth training on how to launch with maximum success (some folks are happy using just our free training)
  5. You’ll get FREE PDF downloads, resources, and case studies to help you get compliant fast
  6. You’ll have access to an exclusive GDPR Masterclass Facebook group where you can connect with the community and talk to the team
  7. Last quarter’s Masterclass students asked if they could pay for the recordings, we gave so much content and strategy away
  8. BONUS REASON!!!: Did we mention there’s absolutely no charge for the first week? There’s no credit card required to join